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At least I didn’t have to go to Scotland

June 4, 2009

On Wednesday I was at a session at the CILIPS09 library conference. I listened to the speaker Brian Kelly from UKOLN, viewed his powerpoint slides and followed the twitter backchannel. But I was in sunny Hampshire and the conference was 416 miles away in a cloudy Peebles in Scotland.

My involvement was a quick and dirty experiment to see how the web could be used to open up a conference and broaden participation. It took a few minutes to set up. At the beginning of his session, Brian briefly introduced me as a remote delegate for his talk and I said hello to the audience through the tiny speakers in his netbook.

  • Using Skype I was able to both talk to Brian before the session began and listen to his presentation.
  • Using Slideshare I was able to see the powerpoint slides his audience were seeing
  • Using twitter  I was able to communicate with anyone who was following the twitter stream in the session

So did it work?
Yes and no… Firstly it was free! I did, however, feel dislocated from the action and not seeing the speaker made it more difficult to follow the presentation. Sound quality could have been better. I had to move through the slides myself rather than the speaker doing it, so a couple of times I got out of sync. But all in all it worked and as technology improves the experience should as well. I think that with more time we could have set up a webcam and I could also have watched. Either way I got to hear an interesting presentation without having to go to Scotland.

How can we use it?
We can open up some of our meetings to colleagues who can’t attend in person. In Hampshire we spend a lot of time travelling , and frequently the meetings take less time than the journey. Maybe these simple technologies will be able to be used to have virtual meetings. We certainly need to start thinking about the opportunities they offer.

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  1. Ruth Kerr permalink
    June 4, 2009 3:46 pm

    And miss a chance to visit Peebles??


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